The Artist

Flashes of Life Photography was essentially born out of an experience I had while learning photography in college. I had just gotten back from a photography conference where the emphasis was more on who the person is, rather than straight fashion photography or pretty portraiture. A week later, I photographed a 10-year old girl in a studio setting for a college project, when destiny occurred. As I was photographing the girl, she began opening up who she was, and I found myself genuinely enjoying our interaction, not just the act of photographing. This shoot produced a great set of photos, a collection my professor referred to as, “A collection of images showing the craziness of 10-year-old Americans.” I then realized I could do this for the rest of my life. This is what makes Flashes of Life unique. I want to authentically photograph whoever is in front of my camera. To capture who they are, right at that moment. As people become comfortable and feel free to express their personality (combined with mad photo skills) great images naturally follow. As you look at our pictures and our packaging (or lack thereof), you see an experience that is designed around you.

Film is my canvas, light is my brush, and the world is my subject

The Business Guy

My name is Randy and I am Rachel’s husband. My role is all the left brained stuff in this business. I basically work on web design, pricing, policies, studio remodeling, general emotional support, and I carry a lot of stuff. I do this out of support and love for my wife. I hope to someday become a trophy husband. In the meantime, I work as an actuary.

The Collections Agent

Hi, I am Traido. I am a very important part of this business. When Rachel is fried with editing, I take her for walks. I also alert her when Fed Ex and UPS drop off pictures at the door. I guard her computer and camera equipment. When Rachel and Randy shoot weddings, I visit my grandparents. I would love to meet you and maybe play fetch. I am a fun loving animal, but make no mistake…you do not want to see my face show up in your window. Please stay current with your payments.